Getting started

Usage: main.js tileserver-gl [mbtiles] [options]


  -h, --help            output usage information
  --mbtiles <file>      MBTiles file (uses demo configuration);
                        ignored if the configuration file is also specified
  -c, --config <file>   Configuration file [config.json]
  -b, --bind <address>  Bind address
  -p, --port <port>     Port [8080]
  -C|--no-cors          Disable Cross-origin resource sharing headers
  -u|--public_url <url> Enable exposing the server on subpaths, not necessarily the root of the domain
  -V, --verbose         More verbose output
  -s, --silent          Less verbose output
  -v, --version         Version info

Default preview style and configuration

  • If no configuration file is specified, a default preview style (compatible with openmaptiles) is used.
  • If no mbtiles file is specified (and is not found in the current working directory), a sample file is downloaded (showing the Zurich area)

Reloading the configuration

It is possible to reload the configuration file without restarting the whole process by sending a SIGHUP signal to the node process.

  • The docker kill -s HUP tileserver-gl command can be used when running the tileserver-gl docker container.
  • The docker-compose kill -s HUP tileserver-gl-service-name can be used when tileserver-gl is run as a docker-compose service.